Recruitment process

  • step 01

    Online application

  • step 02

    Document screening

  • step 03

    Interview selection

  • step 04

    Physical examination

  • step 05

    Final selection

Job opening

Career FAQ

  • 01

    How does one apply for a job?

    It is possible to apply for an employment application via the Internet or e-mail according to the announcement at the time of recruitment.

  • 02

    When do I submit other documentary evidence excluding the application?

    Applicants must submit their handwriting resume, certificate of (prospective) graduation, licenses, and other certifications.

  • 03

    How can I get a notice of acceptance?

    It will be notified individually and posted on the online notification via our website.

  • 04

    Do you have any major limitations?

    The major field of study announced on the ongoing recruitment is preferentially required but an applicant who majored in a similar field of study can also apply.

  • 05

    How can I apply for a worker of general production?

    The general production worker is hired directly from the factory at any time when necessary, and can be applied without restrictions on sex, age, etc.

  • 06

    Is a dormitory provided?

    We support it at each factory.

  • 07

    Do you have a probation period?

    For new employees, there is a probation period of 3 months and 90% of the salary is paid during this period. However, it may be different for experienced employees.