CEO’s Message

We promise the precision management based on honesty and trust.

Thank you for visiting the KMIN website. Since our founding in 1985, KMIN has been working with the steadiest mind to the present day. We will continue to go forward with a steadfast heart.

The 4th industrial revolution will soon begin. The world is rapidly changing, and the future will be unpredictable with the current frame. With the advent of autonomous vehicles and connected cars, existing cars will be taking on new roles as AI and IoT, away from the role of transportation, and the changed functions and roles will be beyond our imagination.

KMIN produces the interior parts for automobiles that can be attracted to the spotlight in the 4th industrial revolution, regards the 4th revolution as an opportunity for us to rebound, and will constantly endeavor in a sincere manner to show the best quality.

In addition, we will not neglect our efforts to keep our corporate social roles and responsibilities in mind and to achieve a better world.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to you for visiting the KMIN website.

CEOLim Sehung Wun