About Us

Established in 1985, KMIN is a manufacturer of automobile parts that manufactures and sells, import, export and import-export, sales promote, advertise and promote automobile seats and other molds and jigs

In South Korea, we have the headquarters, Cheonan Central R&D, Asan Plant, Gwangju Plant, Gyeongju Plant, Export Business Division, and Gwangmyeong Engineering. As for overseas subsidiaries, we have a facility in Ramos, Mexico, and Alabama, USA.


The best seat, Kwang Myung creates.

In the life of mankind, a ‘seat’ has always been an important element of life in its spatial meaning. The quality of human life is determined by the position, size, form and texture of the occupied seat, and human history is also the process of making efforts to make a better place. An invitation to the most peaceful and comfortable place where everyone wants to sit. Kwang Myung will be with you.


Beyond the car seat, we would challenge all forms of seating technology.

Unlike the chair as a piece of furniture that is placed in a certain place, a car seat needs to be scientifically and more sophisticatedly understood for its physical dynamics as situated in a moving car. Based on such technology, we promise that Kwang Myung will challenge not only car seats but also other chairs in other areas such as airplanes, ships, and spacecraft and will be the progressive company that goes beyond limitations.


  • Sincerity

  • Creativity

  • Harmony