Manufacturing Process


  • 01Warehousing and inspection of raw materials

    Checking the amount of raw material warehousing. Reactive testing. Moisture testing

    The amount of every single warehousing 14-15 Ton / Lot

  • 02Mold Cleaning Process

    Removing byproducts inside the mold

    Application of the top and bottom front in the mold. Checking the air pressure.

  • 03Insert

    Insert Insertion of Subsidiary. Checking the regular position and omission

  • 04Foaming (injection / hardening)

    Checking foaming temperature and pressure. Checking the W/Tank temperature

    Checking the amount of foaming. Checking the POLY / ISO discharging pressure

    Checking the Carrier Airbag pressure

  • 05Vent hole cleaning

    Metal stamping type vent hole cleaning. Checking the air pocket emission status

  • 06Desorption and crushing

    Checking the appearance after the desorption of product

    Roller crushing. Products in which a frame is not inserted

    Vacuum crushing. Products in which a frame is inserted

  • 07Omission / Correction

    According to the limited sample standard

  • 08nonwoven fabric / anti-noise

    Adhering the nonwoven fabric

    Application of preventing the connection (anti-noise)

  • 09Aging / Loading

    Loading and storing in a specified pallet

  • 13Inspection and shipment

    Management of the fixed load and hardness

    Appearance quality (limited sample)



  • 01Warehousing of the raw materials

    Raw materials. Warehousing of COIL, SHEET, WIRE and PIPE

    Parts. Outsourced processing and warehousing of subsidiaries

  • 02Inspection of the materials

    Checking the quantity and the quality of warehoused materials

  • 03Molding

    PRESS. Plastic working, squeezing


  • 04Welding

    CO2 welding

    SPOT welding

    LASER welding

  • 05Process Inspection

    Elementary, intermediate, and final inspection by the inspection standard

  • 06Painting (outsourcing)

    Prevention of parts corrosion and securing the quality of appearance (Electrodeposition coating)

  • 07Assembly

    Welding FRAME + component assembly

  • 08Inspection / shipment

    • ·Checking the product deviations
    • ·Delivery to the customers