Recruitment Guide

Qualified people

  • Talented people with reasonable and correct values

    A talented person who makes objective decisions by reason that everyone can accept.

  • Creative and adventurous people

    A talented person who actively creates new things or new values ​​by means of original methods or technologies, and strives to realize them

  • Talented people with adaptability and sociability

    No matter what task is given, a talented person who can do the task well in easy circumstances and makes an amicable relationship with others.

Education system

01 Educational Objectives
· Establishing a sense of pride and enthusiasm as someone at Kwang Myung
· Improvement of business management and job performance
· Fostering talented people to progressively respond to the business environment
02 Educational Policy
· Training core talents
· Development and utilization of company training
· Establishing OJT system
03 Systematic educational system
· Various types of training by position level
· Intelligent training to nurture professionals
· Specialized training consigned to a professional agency
· Conduct communication education centered on all employees
· Education of quality innovation


  • Pension / Insurance

    National pension, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and health insurance

  • Support for life convenience

    Management of social dormitory and company cafeteria, commuter bus service, provide working clothes

  • Support for family occasions

    Various expenditures and leave for congratulations and condolences

  • Health care support

    Medical examination

  • Reward system

    Long-term employee award, excellent employee recognition / reward, and severance pay

  • Education / Leisure support

    In-company club operation

  • Closed / Vacation

    Annual and regular holidays